Scanning options

  Basic Intermediate Advanced  
Base price per slide/negative From £0-50
From £0-75
From £1-00
Dust and scratch removal
With digital ICE™
Contrast/levels adjustment No No Included  
Restore faded colour/colour adjustment No No Included  
2,000 dpi resolution (~5 Megapixels) Included Included Included for 9" x 6" prints
3,000 dpi resolution (~11 Megapixels) Add £0-25 Add £0-25 Add £0-25 for cropping and 15" x 10" prints
4,000 dpi resolution (~20 Megapixels) Add £0-50 Add £0-50 Add £0-50 for cropping and 18" x 12" prints
8-bit jpeg format (24-bit colour) On request Default Default smaller file size, not suitable for extensive editing
8-bit tiff file format (24-bit colour) Default On request On request large file size, suitable for further editing
16-bit tiff file format (48-bit colour) Add £0-25 Add £0-25 Add £0-25 very large file size, may not be compatible with some software
sRGB Colour Space Default Default On request standard windows colour space
Adobe RGB Colour Space On request On request Default larger colour gamut for editing/printing
Burn images to CD (per CD) Add £1-00 Add £1-00 Add £1-00  
Burn images to DVD (per DVD) Add £2-50 Add £2-50 Add £2-50